OOH Events at 2017 Advertising Week

The OOH industry is well represented throughout the week. Here’s a sneak peek at the sessions you won’t want to miss:

Monday, September 25:

Title: What Advertisers Can Expect in a Location-Based But Connected World
Presented by: OUTFRONT Media featuring Chief Commerical Officer Andrew Sruibas, SVP of Data Insights and Programmatic Product James Price, and GroundTruth President Serga Matta
Time & Location: 3:15 – 3:55 PM at Tech Xperience & Workshop Stage
Description: In a new location-based advertising ecosystem, the conversation is rapidly changing. Between autonomous vehicles, geospatial data sets, and real-time analytics, how advertisers respond will drastically shape their trajectory.

Tuesday, September 26:



Title: Wired CMOswiredCMOfinal
Presented by: Wired and featuring Clear Channel Outdoor CMO Dan Levi
Time & Location: 12:00 – 12:40 PM at Target Media Network Stage @ PlayStation
Description: With consumer behavior, brand loyalty and evolving technologies forever in flux, the role of today’s CMO is to remain prepared for change. With the responsibility to facilitate growth, and remain current in marketing strategies and communication technologies, the CMO must always remain geared up and ready to tackle the many challenges that accompany a constantly changing industry fearlessly and head-on. Leading edge CMOs will share their insights from the front lines.


Title: Where Storytelling Meets Selling in a Mobile First World
Presented by: Clear Channel Outdoor featuring SVP of Research & Insights Andy Stevens
Time & Location: 12:45 – 1:25 PM at Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty
Description: In a shifting media landscape where a customer’s journey is defined by their behaviors as they travel the physical world, savvy brands are punching above their weight by allocating more ad spend to media, measurement and creative to reach customers along the path to purchase, without losing the craft of storytelling.

Title: #SaveTogether: Going Out of Home to Support National Geographic Photo Ark
Presented by: OAAA featuring CMO Stephen Freitas
Time & Location: 1:45 – 2:25 PM at Tech Xperience & Workshop Stage
Description: Executives from both the National Geographic Society and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) will discuss the success of this summer’s nation-wide out of home campaign supporting the National Geographic Photo Ark—a project that uses the power of photography to inspire people to help save species at risk before it’s too late. The panel will discuss campaign strategy and results, share interesting stories about the project, and explain what we all can do to #SaveTogether.

DOOH PromgrammaticTitle: Digital Out-of-Home Programmatic: Current Practices, Future Growth
Presented by: DPAA and featuring Lamar Director of Digital Innovation and Sales Strategy Ian Dallimore, SITO Mobile SVP of Channel Strategy Mike Gamaroff, and Ayuda[X] Founder & CEO Andreas Soupliotis
Time & Location: 3:00 – 3:40 PM at Target Media Network Stage @ PlayStation
Description: Digital marketers, DOOH network, ad tech, and mobile data providers share their view of DOOH programmatic, where we are now, and plans for continued growth.




WhenProgrammaticBuyingFINALTitle: When Programmatic Buying Gets Placement Right
Presented by: Clear Channel Outdoor featuring SVP of Programmatic Wade Rifkin
Time & Location: 3:45 – 4:25 PM at Target Media Network Stage @ PlayStation
Description: Digital buyers seem to have it all—all the eyeballs, that is. But advertisers are being careful to harness control over ad and content juxtaposition in publishing as they seek a brand safe environment free from fraud. And they’re looking to do it by capturing their share of the programmatic pie. Hear how nascent programmatic platforms are playing and working together to ensure ultimate brand safety and outcomes.

Wednesday, September 27:

Title: How Location Data is Transforming AdvertisingLocationDataTransformation
Presented by: DPAA and featuring Intersection CRO Marta Martinez
Time & Location: 4:30 – 5:10 PM at Target Media Network Stage @ PlayStation
Description: Location is the new cookie. Mobile and location data are changing how and where brands place advertising and advertising dollars. With the ability to follow the consumer, create cohorts, and in many cases knowing where she will go next, location has been a game changer, especially when combined with Digital Out of Home. Learn from experts how location data and digital out of home deliver a one-two punch!

Thursday, September 28:

Connecting the DigitalandPhysicalTitle:
 Connecting the Digital & Physical with Native Content
Presented by: Intersection featuring CEO Ari Buchalter
Time & Location: 11:10 – 11:35 AM at Shutterstock Stage @ Liberty
Description: If consumers are spending 70% of their time outside of their homes, how can brands harness the power of native content for physical spaces like city streets or retail stores? In this fireside chat, Microsoft and Intersection will discuss advances in consumer and urban technologies that are bridging the online and offline worlds and how brands can leverage data, location and context to engage their audiences in more meaningful ways through native experiences.

OAAA is once again a sponsor of this terrific event. All members are encouraged to register and use the code “OAAA200FF” to receive an exclusive discount. More information about Advertising Week can be found here.


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